February 2006

Public Meeting Limerick


Anarchy in Limerick

A Liberties student on the plan to move NCAD out of the area


Being a resident of the Liberties, getting accepted into the National College of Art and Design was a wonderful thing. Not only is it one of the top colleges of Ireland but it is a ten minute journey from my house each morning. NCAD has been one of the main landmarks of the Liberties since it moved there in 1980. However, if the plans of the college director go ahead it will be moving to the cultural wasteland of UCD's Belfield campus. The move to UCD is opposed by staff and students alike in both of the colleges.

Visit Rossport Solidarity Camp with the WSM in 2006


The battle by the community in Rossport Co. Mayo to prevent Shell from riding roughshod over their rights and safety shot to national prominence late last year when 5 local men (who became known as the Rossport 5) spent over 3 months in jail. The men were imprisoned for protesting against attempts by Shell to bring a high-pressure gas pipeline across their lands in close proximity to their homes.

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