May 2007

RAG gig


Acoustic gig and benefit, with food.

FAQ's and Info at Blockade : By BLOCK G8 group


check out this pdf

Voices Of Republicanism - audio


'Voices of Republicanism' is a documentary on the current state of the Republican movement produced for Through discourse with activists from a wide range of political backgrounds and of varying ages we attempt to provide a small insight into the movement. This is a documentary through the words of people who were there and have seen it, those who still carry the torch of Republicanism and those who have made a break with the movement entirely.

The story of the Citizen Army


The playwrite Sean O'Casey was the first secretary of the Irish Citizen Army and in 1914 had drafted its constitution . He wrote this history of the Citizen Army in the period after the 1916 rising. By the time of the rising he had resigned from the ICA in protest at its decision to allow joint membership with the Irish Volunteers. O'Casey played no part in the rising although with other civilian men he was interned in the course of the rising.

Anarchists creating Common Ground


Common Ground - The Path So Far...

WSM members opinions on the results of the June 2007 general election


  These three pieces were written by WSM members for about the results of the 2007 election and its impact on the left. See our Election 2007 page at for what we had to say in advance of the election.

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