Anarchist Worker - May/June 1979


PDF of Anarchist Worker No1 the publication of Anarchist Workers Alliance, formed in Dublin in December 1978, dissolved around 1981/2? Seven issues were published.Anarchist Worker No 1.
May-June 1979

Published by Anarchist Workers Alliance


Cover : Don't be a scab for a bag of chips
McDonalds strike, special branch stopping people who have joined picket

What is the AWA
"The AWA was formed in Dublin in December 1978"

Jack said he would get the county back on its feet - here we are
Coverage of general strike of March 20

Black the 'couriers'
Coverage of Post Office strike

Don't vote - it only encourages them

Big Mac: Low wages
The issues of the McDonalds strike

A look at anarchist organisation
3 page article about modern Spanish CNT

Bill or Billings - it won't work
Critique of the family planning bill

CIE - work to rule
On the inter union shop stewards committee in CIE

Text of PDA leaflet
Reprint of Belfast leaflet against the Payment of Debt act

- The Dispossessed
- The Great Train Robbery
- The Womens Room

Third year on the blanket
Article on H-Block struggle

Women support Armagh prisoners
Report of March * picket on Armagh prison

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