Dublin: Protest - Stop the Bailouts. End The Dictatorship The Markets

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Workers Solidarity Movement has called for support for the national protest against the Bank Bailouts and "the dictatorship of the markets" which will take place on Saturday 26th June (1:00p.m. Central Bank Plaza, Dame Street).

We urge everyone who is opposed to the government strategy of making ordinary people pay for the financial crisis to attend this protest and make your voice heard, joining with protests across the EU. 

Speaking at a press conference to announce the protest (which has been endorsed by a wide range of left political organisations), WSM spokesperson Mark Malone said:

"Capitalism as a way of organising our society is bankrupt. It is bankrupt in both a literal and moral sense. Capitalism is at odds with any progressive notion of democracy in the 21st century. 

The IMF are an unelected body unaccountable to the very people whose lives they dominate. The impotence of our elected representatives in not a matter of individual government impotence, or the connivance of personalities. It would be great if it was. But the impotence of elected leaders is an integral and necessary systemic part of capitalist society. Elected governments and the institutions of the state right across the EU have shown what they are - Vision less technocrats who have no desire to serve the electorate, because they do not share the same interests as the ordinary working class European population.

Nothing short of root and branch systemic change in the way we imagine democracy working can resolve the issues facing us........"

Mr. Malone called for all of us to

"...begin a conversation about the type of society we want to replace the current mess with. Let’s imagine a society which puts the needs of the many above the greed of the few and which values equality, justice and democracy. And let’s start the process of building that new society."

As government attacks on the living standards of ordinary workers continue, it is becoming clear that what is needed is a genuine united front of struggle against the cuts, built on a non electoralist basis.  Such a united front should involve left organisations, union branches, community organisations and campaigning groups and should be based around a common set of slogans against and to reverse the cuts. It should be open to all who agree that the wealthy rather than workers must pay for the crisis.

The protest on 26th June can assist in bringing people together to voice their opposition.  We all need to begin a discussion about how a genuine campaign against the cuts that will attract the active involvement of hundreds of thousands of people can be built.


The can read the full text of Mark Malone's statement at the press conference.  A video of the press conference can be viewed at http://www.vimeo.com/12535829

Europe Wide Week of Protest & Solidarity from joehiggins on Vimeo.

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