What was the 1% Network?


The 1% Network was an attempt to create an anti-capitalist network in Ireland to fight austerity.  It arose after the unsuccessful attempt by Garda to prevent the anti-capitalist bloc march down to a Right to Work protest outside Dail Eireann. 

The name was chosen from a bank of Ireland report that highlighted that 1% of the population owned 34% of the wealth and the initial network callout was signed by éirígí, Irish Socialist Network, Revolutionary Anarcha-Feminist Group, Seomra Spraoi and the Workers Solidarity Movement. It existed for about 6 months and organised half a dozen events including a mass leafleting of an ICTU march, a 700 strong bloc on another ICTU march, 2 walking tours and a few press events. 

The network was never formally would up but its last event was in March 2011.  By that point some of the founding groups no longer had a real existence and eirigi had switched focus to concentrate on building protests against the visit of the British queen.  This was 6 months before the emergance of Occupy Wall St, founded on the very similar concept of wealth ownership but reversed to focus on the 99%.

You'll get a good idea of what the network is about by reading the rest of the material at the 1% Network tag