Protest at Mountjoy for Maura Harrington


Dublin Shell to Sea organised a protest at Mountjoy prison Friday night after receiving the news that Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington had been arrested for non payment of fines and was on her way to the prison for the 5th time in two years. Some 40-50 people turned up on a few hours notice including a contingent from the Critical Mass cycle that was taking place.

Rossport Solidarity Weekend Radio Report


Over the June bank holiday weekend the 5th successive annual Rossport Solidarity camp took place. Over the decade that this campaign as been running, this weekend has become a focal point for activists and the community to get together, have workshops and share in some activities.  Radio Solidarity took along a recorder and tried to capture a flavor of the events, and we asked people how come they'd become invovled in this struggle against one of the biggest conglomerates in the World.

Castlebar Locals hold vigil for murdered Freedom Flotilla activists


Almost one hundred Castlebar locals and members of local political groups including Workers Solidarity Movement took to the streets holding a vigil in solidarity with the people of Gaza and the activists murdered by IDF forces. A strong message of outrage at these atrocities and anger at the continuing siege of Gaza was relayed from speakers and the protesters. Calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the Isreali state were prominent from those assembled. Further protests are planned throughout the Mayo area including plans for a Mayo Trade Boycott.

Rossport Gathering 2010


In what has become an annual event the Rossport Gathering will take place over the June bank holiday.  It's a week of music, walks, talks and workshops on the Shell to Sea campaign, Climate Change, Social justice and activism.  There will be camping space and communal meals at the Solidarity Camp.  Local Shell to Sea groups will be organising buses, details will be added below as they are known.

Castlerea Prison protest for Pat O'Donnell's


50 days and counting into his Shell-imposed imprisonment, Shell to Sea shows support for their hero and friend

State Repression Continues in Mayo


Local Mayo fisherman, Pat O Donnell, was sentenced to seven months in Castlerea prison in March for his role in campaigning against the Corrib gas pipeline and the corrupt deal that has given Shell access to Ireland’s gas fields. He has been consistently targeted by Shell and the Gardai, being falsely arrested on two occasions when Shell has attempted to carry out works in Mayo. This intimidation reached a pinnacle last summer when Pat's boat was boarded and then sank by four masked men. When he continued to stand up for his community, the state stepped in and imprisoned O’Donnell. He had the misfortune of living in the wrong place and not being part of the cosy cartel of businessmen, bankers and politicians who run this country.

Shell planning 5km tunnel under Erris for experimental pipeline


Shell's latest plan to impose its experimental gas pipeline in Kilcommon, Erris is to tunnel a 5km tunnel five metros under the seabed of Scruwaddacon Bay. This would however still leave many houses inside the blast radius in the event of a pipeline explosion that either ruptured this tunnel or along the 4km that would still be near the surface at landfall or between the bay and the refinery at Bellanaboy.

Shell to Sea campaigner Niall Harnett jailed for 6 months


Shell to Sea campaigner Niall Harnett was sentenced at Ballina on Wednesday to six months in Castlerea prison for protests against Shell's proposed experimental pipeline.  The sentence arose from Niall going to the aid of another Shell to Sea campaigner during a 'Reclaim the Beach' protest in 2008.  He also had a five month sentence confirmed by the court – these sentences will be served concurrently. Mr Harnett further had a two year driving ban affirmed. 

People of Kilcommon say they will not meet with Shell when Pat O'Donnell is in jail

On Monday 409 of the residents of Kilcommon handed this letter into Shells office in Bulmullet refusing to meet with representatives of Shell while Pat O'Donnell remains in jail and the imposition of the Corrib gas project continues without community consent. The letters details a large number of grievances that the local community have with the imposition of the project, and states that people are refusing to meet with Shell while what “effectively amounts to ongoing and escalating physical and psychological harassement” continues in the area.

Prosecutions of Shell to Sea campaigners collapse - 25 out of 27 people prosecuted for resisting Shell’s experimental gas pipeline have cases withdrawn or dismissed


Around the time of the visit of Shell’s pipe-laying ship the Solitaire in June it became clear that the Gardai had been told that they could do anything to remove Shell to Sea campaigners from the scene and they would be looked after. Rulings from the district court, in particular the denial of bail to 7 campaigners charged with the most minor of public order offences removed people with vital water skills from the area by interning them in Mountjoy and Castlerea prisons. Local fisherman Pat O’Donnell had one of his boat sunk from underhim when four masked men boarded the boat in the middle of the night and held Pat and the other crew member at gun point while they sabotaged the boat leading to its sinking. When Pat took to sea in another boat as the Solitaire arrived he was arrested under the Public Order Act for loitering and once more sent to prison leaving the way clear for the Solitaire. Irish navy gunboat guards Shell in Broadhaven bay

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