March 2010

Shell ignores the law but gets campaigners jailed


Shell to Sea Campaigners outside court

This week as it was revealed in the Irish Times that 20 months after entering into a legal agreement with local fishermen Shell has still not submitted an application as required to the Environmental Protection Agency to review the emissions licence for the experimental gas pipeline it is imposing on the people of Erris. Yet this week 27 Shell to Sea campaigners are being prosecuted on behalf of Shell in the local courts and today one of them received three five month sentences.
Pic: Many of the 27 at a previous court appearance, in the front row Niall is far right, Pat is in the middle and Maura is on the far left

Rethinking revolution discussions in Dublin


Rethinking revolution is a series of discussions about the core ideas those of us who want revolutionary change think we have in common and so too often neglect to discuss. The discussions will be kicked off by an opinionated presentation of one or more approaches on these questions with the purpose of drawing all present into a discussion that we hope will continue long after the meeting. The talks are organised by the Outreach group of the WSM and inspired by those arguments we keep having in the kitchen at parties.

Issues of irish anarchist magazine Red and Black Revolution


Links to all the issues of Red and Black Revolution from No1 published in 1994 onwards. Includes links to PDF files of each issue.

Back issues of Red and Black Revolution

Red & Black Revolution 15 - Spring 2009 - [PDF file]
Capitalist crisis - Women of the IWW - Feminism in the Muslim world - Imperial Finance - Practical Organising - Global Game

All the issues of Workers Solidarity Ireland's anarchist newspaper


This is an index linking to every issue of Ireland's anarchist paper Workers Solidarity for which there are articles on online (currently back to 1991)

2009 -

2008 -

2007 -

Article index for WSM article published before 2006


Up until 2006 all WSM articles published after 1990 were hosted as part of the Struggle collection on another server.  We hope to eventually move all the articles stored there to this site but in the meantime these subject indices take you to the pages still stored on that site.

Artykuly WSM w Jezyku Polskim


Archiwum artykulow opublikowanych przez WSM przetlumaczonych na jezyk polski. (An archive of articles published by the WSM that have been translated into Polish).

Tesco eksploatuje cudzoziemców

The WSM mail order bookservice


As it can be hard to get hold of good anarchist books in Irish bookshops the WSM used to run a mail order anarchist bookservice and provide anarchist bookstalls for events.


You check out the latest catalogue and announcements from the bookservice below. Please note that we only deliver books within Ireland. This is not an international service. If you're outside Ireland try AK Press or Active Distribution.

William Thompson (1775 - 1833) - Introduction to the writings of William Thompson


William Thompson was one of the of the first people to critically engage with political economy and attempt to turn it around to defend the improvement of the condition of the working class and rural poor. He was from a Anglo- Irish landowning family from West Cork and was to become a leading figure in the early Co-operative movement.

WSM Election 2007 Special


On May 24th, 2007, the people of the Republic of Ireland will cast their votes in a general election. This election will be a farce, where the people get to choose between a list of nearly-identical politicians, with identical policies, based on promises that nobody believes. That's what they call democracy. This page presents the WSM's basic anarchist criticism of elections, along with a bit of satire directed towards the electoral farce.

Anarchism, Elections and all that

Vote No to the Lisbon Treaty


A page of resources and articles on the WSM campaign for a 'No' vote in the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. It is a treaty for the rich, people in Ireland can do a lot better than a choice between the clowns in the Dáil or those in Brussels.

The Workers Solidarity Movement will be campaigning for a 'No' vote in the upcoming referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Recession - WSM articles on the recession


Articles from the WSM that analyise the crisis in capitalism, its impact in Ireland and the resistance to the attempts to force working people to pay for the crisis.

Dublin: Social Solidarity Network - Building a Network of Resistance

NAMA and the economic crash - RadioSolidarity2


The second program of Dublin WSM's community radio show, Radio Solidarity - focusing on the Economy - was broadcast on Near FM on the 23rd of March. The Program focuses on the Irish Economy - or how we went from dancing on rivers to drowning in one. We cover a range of stories, from the Economy, NAMA, explaining it, looking at specific properties, and finally looking at a campaign that may provide a solution to this mess.

Prosecutions of Shell to Sea campaigners collapse - 25 out of 27 people prosecuted for resisting Shell’s experimental gas pipeline have cases withdrawn or dismissed


Around the time of the visit of Shell’s pipe-laying ship the Solitaire in June it became clear that the Gardai had been told that they could do anything to remove Shell to Sea campaigners from the scene and they would be looked after. Rulings from the district court, in particular the denial of bail to 7 campaigners charged with the most minor of public order offences removed people with vital water skills from the area by interning them in Mountjoy and Castlerea prisons. Local fisherman Pat O’Donnell had one of his boat sunk from underhim when four masked men boarded the boat in the middle of the night and held Pat and the other crew member at gun point while they sabotaged the boat leading to its sinking. When Pat took to sea in another boat as the Solitaire arrived he was arrested under the Public Order Act for loitering and once more sent to prison leaving the way clear for the Solitaire. Irish navy gunboat guards Shell in Broadhaven bay

Anti-Water Tax Campaign blasts Green Party


40 members of the new Anti-Water Tax Campaign from Waterford, Cork and Dublin protested outside the Green Party conference last weekend.  John Gormley and his fellow Green TDs have been leading the charge to impose this additional charge on households, pretending a regressive tax is somehow an environmental measure.

Anarchists Reach Highest Mountain in Ireland! 'Red and Black' raised on Carrantuohill Mountain for Solidarity Books, Cork


Red and Black at the SummitAnarchists, along with the Rebel Hill Walkers and lots of supporters, climbed Carrantuohill in Kerry on Sunday as part of a fundraiser for Solidarity Books in Cork. Guided by the esteemed and experienced James McBarron, the large group set off shortly after 11 am. A number had to turn back for health reasons, but the majority headed on to establish ‘base camp’ under the summit at around 3.30 pm – delays and picnics were the order of the day – ahead of the final assault on the peak.



Draft Public Service Agreement - the full text of March 2010 Irish union leaderships proposed agreement


This is the full text of the (Draft) Public Sector Agreement drawn up between Public Service management and unions and being described in the media as 'a comprehensive agenda for Public Service transformation and on a framework for public service pay determination over the period to 2014'.  The WSM are making the text available on our website to allow workers to judge the agreement and the massive impact it will have on working conditions.  In order for it to be passed it will have to be vote for by union members in the public sector, we expect there will be a significant campaign for a No vote

Dublin Bike Courier dispute 2001/2002


Back in 2001 - 2002, bike messengers in Cyclone Couriers in Dublin got a bit bolshie and began to get organised. Always a tricky industry to make headway in, we won a couple of pay rises and fought back the boss's attempt to reduce our working conditions.

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