100 days in Shells prison - solidarity with Niall Harnett


Dublin Shell to Sea have called a picket of Shell HQ to mark the 100th Day of Niall's imprisonment which the WSM is supporting. Dublin S2S say "Many of you who have been involved in Shell to Sea over the years, or who have visited the camp, will know Niall. Please try and attend to show your support."

Having failed to silence the demands of the people of Erris to live in peace and ...safety, Shell and the Irish government have resorted to imprisoning prominent. Shell to Sea campaigners Niall Harnett, and the recently released Pat O'Donnell, were sent to prison for daring to stand up to the might of Shell, one of the world‘s most powerful multinational oil companies.

Shell, which declared profits last year of €31 billion, has a long and shameful record of human rights abuses and environmental destruction.

For the past ten years the people of Erris have bravely resisted attempts by Shell to force through a dangerous, high pressure and odourless gas pipeline. The appalling environmental consequences of giving oil companies a free hand are starkly evident in the Gulf of Mexico, where a leaking BP oil rig has created one of the greatest environmental disasters in United States history.

Transocean, the Swiss owner of the leaking rig in the Gulf of Mexico, has been contracted by Shell to deploy a rig in the Corrib field.

It is a damning indictment of the type of society in which we live when wealthy bankers and property developers, who robbed billions from the people of Ireland can skip away scot free, while honourable people like Pat and Niall who merely seek to defend the Erris community and protect the environment are imprisoned. The rights of the people of Erris are being trampled on and people like Pat and Niall have been imprisoned so that Shell can profit from natural resources that rightfully belong to the people of Ireland. In a blatant act of treachery the Irish government gave away an estimated €420 billion worth of oil and gas reserves to multinational oil companies. While these companies profit from our oil and gas, the people of Ireland suffer through major government cuts in vital public services.

Enough is Enough! Shell to Sea demands justice for Niall Harnett, and an end to Shell’s dangerous and destructive project in Erris.

Please support the campaign by attending Thursdays picket, contact your local TD, write letters to the national and local newspapers, write to Niall, check www.shelltosea.com or www.dublinshelltosea.com for further information or phone: 086 736 2417

Send letters of support to Niall Harnett, c/o Castlerea
Prison, Harristown Co. Roscommon 

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