Dublin Kurdish Freedom Solidarity protests 2016 May

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Dublin saw a day of protests in solidarity with the Kurdish Freedom struggle today. The video shows the protest at the GPO, site of the 1916 rebellion against British colonialism 100 years ago. During that rebellion British forces destroyed much of the center of Dublin and murdered civilians much as the Turkish state has been doing in Bakur (SE Turkey) over the last months.

On Saturday in Dublin we marked the massacre of North King Street when British forces murdered 16 men and boys. Some 600 civilians have been killed by the Turkish state over the last year. Yesterday the Turkish state passed a bill allowing for the persecution of the radical left HDP party and its parliamentarians were physically assaulted in the parliament by the government deputies. This highlights the refusal of the Turkish state to allow any movement of peaceful reform.

The protests which included one at the Turkish embassy were against this situation but also against the rotten deal the EU has struck with the Turkish state. The EU is giving the Turkish state 6 billion euro, in return the Turkish state is accepting refugees deported from the EU. It is also using force to stop refugees escaping Turkey, some have already been shot dead on the land border and dingys have been rammed at sea. The EU is pretending Turkey is a safe country to deport refugees to despite the fact it has been murdering Kurdish civilians, threatening and arresting lawyers & journalists and is now moving to ban the HDP.

Kurdish solidarity picket of Turkish embassy in Dublin