Justice for the Ballinaboy 3 GPO 2pm, Sat 14th July

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Dublin Shell to Sea Public Protest against the jailing of the Bellanaboy 3 at 2pm this Saturday the 14th July.
In the summer of 2005 the high court jailed five Rossport men on foot of an injunction taken by tranational energy comapany, Shell. Public outrage at this injustice saw thousands of people taking part in protests all across the country - protests which ultimately led to Shell backing down and the release of the men.

Now two years later another three men from the Rossport area are facing jail, once again in relation to Shell's controvesial Corrib development and once again they will need thousands of people to take to the streets in support of their cause.

Dublin Shell to Sea are organising a protest on the island in the middle of O'Connell Street (across from the GPO) at 2PM on Saturday the 14th of July.

For those who care about the right of a community to peacefully protest and for those who care about what is happening to the Ireland's natural resources the time to make yourself heard is now!

Make sure and come along on Saturday and bring as much noise and colour as you can.

For more details contact Caoimhe 087 7564750