Protest - Justice for asylum seekers


Dáil Éireann
Kildare Street, Dublin
1 pm, Wednesday 30 JanuaryAs the politicians come back to work after a long Christmas holiday, they will be met by asylum seekers who went through a Christmas of worry and uncertainty. They include some parents of Irish children, still denied the right to live here with their families. They include people from war zones like Afghanistan facing deportation by a government that claims they are in no danger. They include people who could face internment under recent government plans to set up detention camps for asylum seekers purely on the basis of their nationality.

These asylum seekers have a just case, and they need support. Come to the protest and show your solidarity with their demands. All they want is the right to live and work peacefully in Ireland – no more than what Bertie Ahern says he wants for Irish people living without status in the United States.

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