The battle for Divorce in Ireland - Interview


Unfortunately, when making the most recent Radio Solidairity program, we couldn't fit in all the interviews that we did for the show.  In the show we were showing how the Irish Catholic church contolled and dictated Social policy for the most part at the behest of the State itself. 

Radio Solidarity is now on Facebook


Radio Solidarity is on Facebook

So please feel free to go there, make friends with us and keep in the loop with events.

We hope to commence posting up full interviews from our third program over this weekend, we had some technical difficulties prior to this.

Radio Solidarity Prog. 3 The Church - How it made society silent


In this  Radio Soldarity  we explore the recent rupture between people and the Irish Catholic Church due to the recent turmoil and revelations which have been exposed. 

Radio Solidarity - Where we are coming from!


This show is produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement.   The Aim of this show is to cover a range of issues and struggles that don’t get covered in the media.

We do not pretend to be unbiased.  We actively engage in politics and struggles to bring about change in society.  We hope to cover some of the issues which we think are live at the moment in Irish society.  We engage in those struggles and talk to others who are actively attempting to bring about change.

NAMA and the economic crash - RadioSolidarity2


The second program of Dublin WSM's community radio show, Radio Solidarity - focusing on the Economy - was broadcast on Near FM on the 23rd of March. The Program focuses on the Irish Economy - or how we went from dancing on rivers to drowning in one. We cover a range of stories, from the Economy, NAMA, explaining it, looking at specific properties, and finally looking at a campaign that may provide a solution to this mess.

Public & private space -RadioSolidarity1


The first in a series of radio shows, produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement. This show is themed around the issue of public and private space. In particular we look at an autonomous social centre, Seomra Spraoi in Dublin.

We also look at the experiences of anarchists in Boston USA, who are helping people actively resist being evicted from there homes as a result of the "credit crisis" as well as the Irish government attack on ordinary people at this time. The panel includes WSM members and Mick Byrne from the Seomra Spraoi collective

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