Captain Jack White on the Easter rising


These opinions and reactions are just a small sample of what is out there. This Easter Week, we should look at the event not just as a week long insurrection, but as an event that would ricochet on through the troubles that followed and continue to spark debate long after the last bullets whizzed through the Dublin sky.

The 1916 rising and class struggle in Ireland 1886-1923


 Money issued by the 1919 Limerick Soviet

Articles on 1916, the War of Independence and related issues published by the WSM as well as material by other anarchists and documents from the period.

Image: Money issued by the 1919 Limerick Soviet

William Thompson (1775 - 1833) - Introduction to the writings of William Thompson


William Thompson was one of the of the first people to critically engage with political economy and attempt to turn it around to defend the improvement of the condition of the working class and rural poor. He was from a Anglo- Irish landowning family from West Cork and was to become a leading figure in the early Co-operative movement.

Article index for WSM article published before 2006


Up until 2006 all WSM articles published after 1990 were hosted as part of the Struggle collection on another server.  We hope to eventually move all the articles stored there to this site but in the meantime these subject indices take you to the pages still stored on that site.

Towards an anarchist history of the Chinese revolution


Outside of a few events including the Long March and the Shanghai commune the development of the Chinese revolution is relatively unknown on the western left in comparison with the revolutions in Russia in 1917, Spain in 1936 or even the Paris spring of 1968. Those sections of that left influenced by or proclaiming themselves to be Maoist haven't helped that situation much. Their histories have tended towards simple tales focusing on the role of one man and collapsed a 100-year history of revolution into the events important to him.

A People’s Historian - Howard Zinn


Howard Zinn is an American historian best known for his book ‘A Peoples History Of The United States’, however he was written much more on the subject of American working class history. He is also a World War II veteran, a playwright and, to this day, remains a political activist.

The politics of class and sectarianism in Belfast and rest of UK in the early 20th century


During industrialisation, the northeast became an integral part of the British industrial output centred on the industrial triangle of Belfast, Merseyside and Glasgow. ‘Free trade’(heavily subsidised by the state of course) underpinned the empire and access to overseas markets were essential to the economy of Belfast and its periphery.

To Working Men and Working Women


Listen to me. For twenty-five years, the most intelligent and devoted of men have dedicated their lives to the defence of our holy cause. In their writings, speeches, reports, memoirs, investigations and statistics, they have pointed out, affirmed and demonstrated to the Government and to the wealthy that the working class is, in the present state of things, materially and morally placed in an intolerable condition of poverty and suffering

Martha Ackelsburg on the Mujeres Libres audio


Martha is a US anarchist feminist and author of the classic anarchist text 'Free women of Spain'. In her talk at the 2009 Dublin anarchist bookfair she discusses Mujures Libres, the movement of revolutionary anarchist women that arose during the Spanish revolution of 1936.


Martha Ackelsburg - anarchist feminist on Mujeres Libres / Free Women of the Spanish Revolution by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud


Dublin Lecture: The Irish Citizen Army


Hugh Geraghty Memorial Lecture

"The Irish Citizen Army"
by Dr. Ann Matthews

Liberty Hall, 8pm

Organised by the Irish Labour History Society

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