Travellers targetted by Limerick County Council


Limerick County Council has revived an old bylaw to enable it to seize caravans and cars belonging to Travellers.   The move comes as hundreds of members of the families of Travellers who call Rathkeale home arrive for the Christmas break.  This is an annual event that has been going on for years. Due to the lack of facilities families often end up camping on the roadside. This unavoibably causes tension with other local residents and road users. The county council has never made any serious effort to address the shortage of short term halting facilities in Rathkeale over the Christmas despite having fore knowledge of the problem.

Limerick: Capitalism Is Failing ... Anarchism Is Fighting Back


They got us into this mess but now they want us to pay the price for it too!

With the economic crisis now in full swing, anarchists are arguing for fundamental change and an end to capitalism. How can we achieve this and how should the new society be organised?

Workers Solidarity Stall in Limerick


Anarchists in Limerick will be giving out the new issue of Workers Solidarity this Saturday...

Limerick City Centre - Vote NO to Lisbon Treaty Stall


Anarchists in Limerick will be holding a Vote NO stall...

Organising for Anarchism: Public Meeting and Discussion


Organising for Anarchism: Public meeting and discussion in Limerick
this Saturday, Nov 24th.

Limerick Meeting: What Is Anarchism


Forthcoming meeting on anarchism ...

Public Meeting Limerick


Anarchy in Limerick

Grassroots Gathering 4 - A sun kissed weekend in Limerick


The fourth Grassroots Gathering happened at University of Limerick on the St. Patrick's bank holiday weekend. It was a glorious weekend of weather and once again I came away from the experience of meeting fellow activists with renewed vigour for the struggle. The Grassroots Network has succeeded in creating a space for non-hierarchical libertarian groups and individuals to gather and share information and conduct workshops on various tactics used.

Direct Action against the war - your questions answered


This article addresses Direct Action in the context of the sometimes hysterical debate about the Grassroots Network Against War (GNAW) action at Shannon on March 1st.

The Limerick Soviet of 1919


The first problem facing the strikers was how to feed Limericks 38,000 inhabitants. The committee sat in session all of Monday organising food distrubution. The committee was divided into two sections, one to recieve food and one to deliver it. Hundreds of special permits were issued allowing shops to open.

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