Demonstrations in Israel against the flotilla attack


One of the main myths of those who support the Zionist state of Israel is that all Jews, inside and outside of Isreal support that state.  In fact there is small but significant opposition to the oppression of the Palestians from people of Jewish background inside of Isreal.  Since the Israeli military attacked the Freedom Flotilla there have been onging demonstrations agains the attack in Isreal itself, demonstrations that have been largely ignore by Israeli and international media.

Israeli Apartheid, BDS and Grassroots Resistance in Palestine - Audio from the Anarchist Bookfair


Dublin solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla marchThis is the recording of the 'Israeli Apartheid, BDS and Grassroots Resistance in Palestine' from the 2010 anarchist bookfair. The speaker is Freda Hughes from the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Topics covered in the one hour audio include the apartheid wall and settlements, experiences of the occupied territories, popular committees and Bi'lin, the cage protest and other direct actions, how Israeli activists argue for the boycott, Zionism, the freedom flotilla, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

Dub - Flotilla Deportees to Speak at Mass Demonstration March


The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) has called a mass demonstration for 2pm this Saturday in Dublin at which the Freedom Flotilla deportees will speak. The demonstration will assemble at 2pm at the Garden of Remembrance and from there will march to the Department of Foreign Affairs on St. Stephen's Green.

Cork Solidarity Vigil for the Slain Freedom Flotilla Activists, 1st June 2010.


Between 6p.m. and 8p.m. Monday evening a dozen or more of the city's Palestine solidarity activists held a vigil on Patrick St. To remember the 19 people slain when Israeli commandos wantonly attacked the Freedom Flotilla on its way to Gaza to break the illegal blockade imposed by Israel and deliver much-needed humanitarian aid. This evening's vigil followed a well-attended static protest against Israel's murderous attack on the international aid convoy at Daunt Sq. this afternoon. The people at that protest went on to briefly picket the main supermarkets in the city centre to persuade shoppers to boycott Israeli produce and force that murderous rogue state to respect human rights and desist from their oppression of Palestinians and end the occupation of their land.

Thousands demonstrate in Dublin against Israeli attack on Freedom Flotilla


Over two thousand people took to the streets of Dublin last night to protest the bloody attack by the Israeli military on the Freedom flotilla to Gaza which left between 9 and 19 people dead and dozens injured. The assembled crowd heard that least five people from Ireland were now in an Israeli jail awaiting trial for refusing to co-operate with being deported from a country they had been brought to against their will, after their ships were hijacked by the heavily armed pirates of the IDF.

IDF release video showing passengers trying to beat off pirates


The Israeli military have released a video which claims to show heroic passengers attempting to beat back the IDF pirates that are boarding their ship in order to hijack it. Although of course that is not the spin that the IDF put on it.

Protests around Ireland after Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla


Protests are to take place in Dublin, Sligo, Galway, Belfast, Derry,  Monaghan & Cork today against the act of international piracy by the Israeli military last night when they attacked a flotilla bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza . The Globe & Mail is reporting that 19 people have been killed in an attack staged last night. The flotilla of six ships called the “freedom flotilla” includes one from the Ireland called the Rachel Corrie, named after the American activist murdered by the IDF in 2003. At least 8 Irish people are on board various ships in the flotilla.

Dublin: In a globalised world does imperialism still matter? - Rethinking Revolution 4


Does it exist today? Did it ever exist? Or does it not matter because we all suffer under capitalism. In this discussion Finbar Dwyer looks at imperialism and whether its a useful way to look at society and oppression in 21st century. May 19th at 18.30 in Seomra Sprao

Bi'lin protests at CRH involvement in apartheid wall, Irish cameraman arrested


Friday April 30th Irish activists joined the weekly protests of the Palestinian community of Bil'in against the apartheid wall.  The focus this week was on the investment by the Irish Cement Roadstone Holdings company in an Israeli company that has a large portion of the contracts for building the wall.  As usual the military attacked the protesters with tear gas and one Irish activist filmed the video below of this attack and his subsequent arrest.

Interview with US soldier from company involved in Apache killing of journalists


Salon Radio interviewed Josh Stieber a former solider in the U.S. Army in Iraq who served with Bravo Company 2-16, the infantry ground soldiers involved in the Apache helicopter attack video WikiLeaks released that show's the killing of twelve people including two journalists.  In the interview Stieber explains the incident was not a rare occurrence.

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