Migration / racism

Report on 'don't deport parents of Irish children' demo


A group of women asylum seekers, their Irish children and local supporters held a protest at the Dail yesterday.

Demo Dont Deport Parents Of Irish Children


Many parents of Irish born children are currently facing the threat of deportation.

Support the Afghan Hunger Strikers-Court Monday 10am


On June 19th Afghan Hunger strikers will be up in court on forcible entry charges

RAR Benefit


Rumors are reaching us of a titanic musical struggle between Finian McGrath TD and DJ Krossphader…

Support the Afghan Hunger Strikers - Court Appearance at 10am, Thursday


Support the Afgan Hunger Strikers at 10.00 am on Thursday 25th of May outside Kilmainhim Court.

Support demands of Afghan Hunger strikers


WSM members have been taking part in solidarity vigils and other support work for the 41 Afghan Hunger strikers currently in St. Patrick Cathedral in Dublin. We support their demand to be allowed to stay in Ireland and we will be taking part in demonstrations and other events over the new few days in support of that demand. Please come along to these events.

Dublin rally in support of Afghan hunger strikers



Rally at 2pm, outside St Patrick's cathedral (corner of Patrick Street and Kevin Street)

Picket Against Deportations At GNIB


This coming Thursday May 18th many asylum seekers have to sign at the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) for deportation from the Irish state.

Pat Rabbitte and Immigration


Labour leader Pat Rabbitte showed his opportunism when he called for a look at work visas for EU nationals. He raised the spectre of 40 million poles chasing “Irish Jobs”. It was a thoroughly disappointing turn by Labour but hardly surprising.

National Day Of Protest Against State Racism


Give Asylum Seekers the right to stay and work- End deportations.

Many Asylum Seekers from around Ireland face deportation by the Irish state. Last year six mass deportations along with individual deportations took place to unsafe, war torn and corrupt countries were lives are in danger. This has to STOP Michael McDowell and the government cannot be let away with this anymore.

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