Mayday 2010 in Belfast


The Belfast Mayday demonstration began at Writers Square. A pavilion had been set up in front of the imposing St. Anne's Cathedral and rows of stands and tables were being occupied by a number of organizations including the Services Industrial Professional Technical Union, the Socialist Party, the Worker's Party, Amnesty International, the Northern Ireland Public Services Union, the Irish Congress Trade Unions, the National Union of Rail Maritime and Transport Workers, the Irish Transport and General Workers Union*, the Eirigi party, the Irish Republican Socialist Party, the Alliance for Choice, the Union of Shop Distributors and Allied Workers, the National Association of Schoolmasters and Union of Women Teachers, United Teachers Union, the Irish National Teachers Association, the UNISON retirees union, the Trocaire campaign to feed the hungry, the We Won't Pay anti-water charges campaign, and the Anarchist Just Books Collective representing Organise!. Several food, coffee, and beer stands were also set up in the area in front of the pavilion and many families were in attendance. The minor writings of Marx and general Irish Trade Union activist literature dominated the tables as well as a strong presence of Trotsky and Engels; the Just Books table carried the anarchist torch alone, passing out copies of Organise!'s excellent publication, 'The Leveller'.

The 'War on Drugs' in Belfast


Early this year, members of Belfast WSM and ex Black Panther Ashanti Alston met representatives from Concerned Families against Drugs (CFAD)

The politics of class and sectarianism in Belfast and rest of UK in the early 20th century


During industrialisation, the northeast became an integral part of the British industrial output centred on the industrial triangle of Belfast, Merseyside and Glasgow. ‘Free trade’(heavily subsidised by the state of course) underpinned the empire and access to overseas markets were essential to the economy of Belfast and its periphery.

Building anarchism in Belfast


A public meeting in which speakers will present a brief overview of the Workers Solidarity Movement, its goals and aim as an anarchist organisation and what struggles it is currently involved in. If you are interested in the joining the WSM or simply want to find out more please feel free to come along.

Successful anarchist event in Belfast


The Workers Solidarity Movement and Anarchist Communist Discussion Group, organised a successful day of discussions and workshops last Saturday in the Belfast Unemployed Centre tackling issues such as fighting fascism and racism from a class perspective, anarchist organisation and our vision of a free, classless, post-capitalist society.

Alternatives to the current political system


Statement appeared in the Thursday edition of the Andersonstown News on 23.07.09.

Belfast - A Working Class Journey from War to 'Peace' interview with Davy Carlin


A conversation with WSM member Davy Carlin, from his early childhood growing up in the Ballymurphy housing estate in the midst of an ‘Irish War’ to community politics. Davy also reflects on his involvement in struggles to date from anti-racism, workplace organising and organisations from the Socialist Workers Party to Organise! Finally, we touch upon the politics of anarchism and his hope for the future.

3rd Belfast Anarchist Bookfair


The 3rd Belfast Anarchist Bookfair will take place at the Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre, 45/47 Lower Donegall Street, from 12 noon to 6pm on Friday 28th August and Saturday 29th August 2009.

Former chair of the Anti-Racist Network to speak at anarchist event


The Workers Solidarity Movement in Belfast organise a day of discussions and workshops tackling issues such as fighting fascism and racism from a class perspective, anarchist organisation and our vision of a free, classless, post-capitalist society.

Belfast: Organising for Anarchism


A day of workshops and discussions organised by the Belfast branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement and the Anarchist Communist Discussion Group.

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