Issues of Workers Solidarity from 1995: WS #44-46


Incomplete index of 1995 articles (not al are online)

How WSM recruited new members


Anarchism will not be created in this country, or any other, by a tiny group of people. Even in Ireland a successful anarchist revolution would require tens of thousands of active anarchists. Anarchists living on every street and active in every workplace. We obviously have a long way to go!

[The WSM no longer exists as an organisation but this is how you would have got involved]

Socialist Party MEP to debate whether voting in the referendum is “a waste of time” at Anarchist Bookfair this weekend - Press Statement


“Is voting in the referendum on the Fiscal Compact Treaty a waste of time?” This will be one of the items to be discussed at the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair which takes place this Saturday (26th May) in Liberty Hall.

Photographic Exhibition - “A Decade Of Resistance: Images of Struggle 2002 – 2012” at Anarchist Bookfair this weekend - Press Statement


Organisers of the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair have announced that the Bookfair, to be held this Saturday (26th May) in Liberty Hall, will include a major Photographic Exhibition entitled “ A Decade Of Resistance: Images of Struggle 2002 – 2012”.

The exhibition will feature photographs by activists and photographers Andrew Flood, William Hederman, Aileen O’Carroll and Paul Reynolds and, according to organisers “documents an array of anti-capitalist, anti-war, pro-choice, environmental and other protests, starting with a mass trespass at Shannon Airport in October 2002 and ending with a Reclaim The Streets in Dublin in April 2012.”

"They'll just ignore our vote anyway" - Press Statement:


Anarchist organisation, Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM), has claimed that voting in the Fiscal Compact Treaty referendum “will not make one whit of difference”.

The pro-side are calling it a Stability Treaty but if it’s passed does anyone seriously think that we are going to get financial stability?”, asked Gregor Kerr, WSM PRO.  “On the other hand the anti-side are calling it an Austerity Treaty, but everyone knows that even if we vote no the austerity agenda will continue.”

Want to distribute IAR 5


Issue 5 of the Irish Anarchist Review will be coming out in time for the Dublin anarchist bookfair.  If your coming to the bookfair why not book multiple copies of this excellent publication to take away with you and give to friends or drop off in your local social center or other radical space.  If your able to do this use our Contact us form to let us know how many you'd like to pick up at the bookfair.  Please include a phone number so we can confirm this with you the night before and so avoid unnecessary carrying of bundles to the bookfair.

As well as various reviews the major issues covered in IAR5 include

  • Single issue campaigns, community syndicalism & direct democracy
  • Torture, murder & exclusion: Ireland's first 10 years of independence
  • Towards an anarchist anti-racism
  • Do workers co-operatives help or hinder the building of a libertarian communist society
  • Revolutionary organisation in the age of the Networked Individual

Hundreds expected to attend Dublin Anarchist Bookfair - press release


Hundreds of people from all over Ireland are expected to attend the 7th annual Dublin Anarchist Bookfair which takes place in Liberty Hall, Dublin on Saturday 26th May. The Bookfair, organised by the Workers Solidarity Movement, will consist of a day of meetings, debates, discussions and films and will also host bookstalls and information stands from a large number of political organisations and campaigning groups.

What is the Workers Solidarity Movement?


The Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) is an anarchist organisation in Ireland. We have branches and members throughout the country and are involved in many different groups and struggles.

Become a WSM supporter


The work of the WSM is often limited by the resources available to us, both in terms of finance and labour. And although our members bring a wide range of knowledge and experience into the organisation for collective discussion there are also wide areas where we have much less knowledge and experience than we would want. The solution to this would be to have more members, and we are always seeking to get new people to join.

But we recognize that the time & financial commitments of WSM membership are not for everyone. And that some people who broadly agree with a lot of our work have significant differences with us in particular areas that would stop them joining. So we offer a Supporter Status for people who broadly like what we are doing but who for one reason or another can't commit to membership.

Index of 1993 issues of Workers Solidarity - Irish anarchist newspaper


The articles published in the Irish Anarchist paper Workers Solidarity in 1993 These issues were in the format of an A4 20 page magazine. Issues from 1995 on are a Tabloid size 12 page newspaper.

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