100s of Yes posters torn down by organised gang in County Cork


In a pattern all to common across rural Ireland hundreds of Yes posters were torn down in an organised fashion by what had to be No activists across Country Cork last night.  This anti-democratic rage typifies the No campaign which has has so much wealth that it is printing 10 No posters to every Yes.  All across Ireland the few Yes posters there are to distribute have been torn down, in one case we have heard of in the west they have even been discovered in the houses of No campaigners.  This is ahead of the May 25th referendum to remove the article of the Irish constitution that equates the life of a women with that of a foetus.

As well as being an organised assault on democracy, showing the contempt the No campaign have for the people of Ireland, the shortage of resources often means each of these stories is heart breaking.  We heard from the couple who had driven to Dublin to pick up the these posters which they had paid for themselves with donations they had collected.

She told us “This morning no fewer than 8 messages came in to our Facebook page telling us our posters had been cut down and destroyed all over the county.

We paid for those posters ourselves with donations. G. drove to Dublin to collect them, a 6 hour trip. Himself and a lovely bunch of volunteers spent all Sunday putting them up right across the county. And the No side organised an attack on them right across the county.

Why, they have at least a million posters across the country. We put up about 500 at the weekend.

Can you please think long and hard what will happen if these people win and get more power. Do you want Mattie McGrath and Ronan Mullen, the Healy Rae's, the Sherlocks running the country? Catholic fundamentalism, is that what we want to go back to? Say goodbye to contraception, sex education, divorce, marriage equality so.

You might not care about this issue, you might not like abortion but this is not about liking abortion, it's about trusting women to make the best decision for them and being compassionate and not judgemental.

Don't let this be another Trump or Brexit. Please, please get involved in the final days of the campaign, vote yes, abstain if you can't but please do not hand any power to these people.”