Aer Lingus and Cabin Crew on collision course


A battle is brewing between IMPACT cabin crew members and the management of Aer Lingus.  The cabin crew began a work-to-rule action yesterday against changes to rosters by the management which they see as going beyond what the “Greenfield” cost-saving plan had proposed. The IMPACT members will work on the old rosters, will not work on rest days, and will take all breaks and meals due to them. They will also decline to work the Washington/Madrid route. This route is voluntarily undertaken by cabin crew based in Ireland under Irish working conditions.

Aer Lingus have taken a hard line in regards to industrial action, and have stated that any staff who carry out the work-to-rule could face “immediate removal from the payroll and may culminate in dismissal”. IMPACT have stood firm, saying they will take “responsive action” against any management attacks.

The “Greenfield” cost-reduction plan is saving the company €90m. Cabin crew accepted the Greenfield agreement after originally voting it down 2-to-1.  If the agreement had not passed, the management had threatened to fire all 1200 cabin crew, who would then be re-employed on lower pay and worse conditions. There would be 230 compulsory redundancies, with the bare legal minimum of compensation. Aer Lingus are currently expecting profits at the end of the year due to increased trading during the last business quater. CEO of Aer Lingus Christoph Mueller takes home €158,000 a year in his salary.

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