Disgusting smear attempt by anti-choice FB page


Perhaps out of frustration with their failure on last night's Late Late Show (Apr 27th), the anti-choice No campaigns have stooped to a disgusting new low today.  We've observed that they have been engaged in setting up apparently innocuous Facebook news pages and we presumed it was in connection with the referendum.  Today they changed the cover image of one of these pages to make it look like a Yes campaign page and then posted this disgusting post.

Very quickly other pages which may or may not be in on this smear attempt reposted the image claiming to be shocked, for example the Cork's Best page which at the time of writing has not removed it despite it being pointed out as a fake.

There is nothing new in this tactic - during the Marriage Equality referendum No campaigners set up fake Yes pages to try and whip up homophobia, we suspect it's the same people involved and there is a lot of cross over between the No campaign in each case.  Here is one example from then: https://www.wsm.ie/c/homophobic-no-campaigners-fake-equality-pages

There have been many attempted smears by No campaigners in the run up to this referendum, here are two additional examples:

In using this tactic only hours after the death of Alfie Evans, they are betting that their disgusting fake smear will reach further than the news that they are engaged in such tactics.

[Note: After we published this piece the page was deleted by Facebook and the story covered in The Times