Dublin Mayday 2018 - at a hectic time it's a small gathering of the faithful


The Dublin May Day march last night took place in miserable weather conditions, the parade was led off the Trade Union Repeal the 8th banners - Repeal was one of the march themes and copies of a newspaper aimed at trade unionists called Yes Repeal were also distributed.

Another Dublin May Day theme was working rights for migrants following the farcical new rules that supposedly give asylum seekers a right to work but which in practice few qualify under and which require too much paper work for employers to bother with for a 6 month contract.

At the back of Dublin May Day 2018 was the Working Cass Queeroes banner reading 'You only gave us rights because we gave you riots'.

The march is organised every year by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions

There are some photographs from the march on our Facebook report