Day of action in Erris - Shell's fences pulled down, security & police turn violent


Around 100 Shell to Sea campaigners took part in a national day of action today in Erris with a WSM member at the scene reporting that all work has been stopped and several fences had been pulled down.  At least four campaigners were been injured by Garda and private security, at least two of these have gone to hospital.  One of these appears to have serious head injuries.

 Shell to Sea spokesperson Terence Conway said "The injuries inflicted today indicate an expectation of impunity on the part of those assaulting Shell to Sea campaigners. It is clear that individual Garda and private security personnel feel confident that serious assaults on campaigners will not lead to them being prosecuted. The level of violence we have seen today against Shell to Sea campaigners engaged in civil disobedience is confirmation of how little has changed in the policing of the Corrib project"

The four injured were
- The woman thrown from the fence onto the road who appeared to be suffering from a serious concussion and who has now been transferred from Belmullet to Castlebar hospital.
- A man punched in the face who was subsequently unable to open his eye and who was taken to Belmullet hospital.
- A man punched in the face whose split lip required four stitches and who has been told to visit a dentist because of his loosened teeth.
- A man whose head was seriously cut requiring stitches to close the wound.

We reported updates as we got them via the WSM twitter feed. Below are those received as of 15.00 with the most recent first. See them as they are sent at!/WSMIreland

Background details on the Struggle against Shell's experimental high pressure raw gas pipeline & refinery in Erris

updates before 15.15

Shell to Sea campaigner arrested during today's protests now released - lunch in progress opposite compound with songs being sung
14 minutes ago

From Shell to Sea - almost everyone on Dublin bus has decided they want 2 stay so bus back cancelled only 3 returning by car tonight
43 minutes ago

All Shell to Sea campaigners have now exited compound after halting pipeline work 4 yet another day - end great oil & gas giveaway #s2s
53 minutes ago

No news yet of other two injured Shell to Sea protesters, one required stiches to head, the other also taken to hospital
55 minutes ago

Male Shell to Sea campaigner with split lip and damaged teeth given four stitches and told to go to dentist after assault
56 minutes ago

Female Sell to Sea campaigner with head injuries being transferred from Belmullet to Castlebar hospital suggesting serious concussion
58 minutes ago

About 25 Shell to Sea campaigners continue to occupy Shell compound in Erris, two have been hospitalised, two more have signif injuries
1 hour ago

Shell to Sea campaigners occupying Shell compound in stand off with security by inner fence
1 hour ago 

updates before 13:00

20 plus Shell to Sea campaigners have managed to enter Shell compound for second time despite a number being injured while doing so
21 seconds ago 
Correction - eye injury and split lip/teeth injury were 2 seperate people not 1 as previously thought. At least 4 #s2s now with injuries
2 minutes ago 
Shell to Sea campaigners in Rossport today facing serious assault - Alan Shatter's remarks yesterday were nod & wink for such violence
16 minutes ago 
One of injured Injured Shell to Sea campaigner has split lip and teeth knocked in after assault during attempt to dismantle fence
22 minutes ago 
Injured Shell to Sea campaigner has suspected concussion, another who was punched in eye unable to open eye - both going hospital
24 minutes ago 
Shell to Sea campaigners have resumed dismantling of Shell compounds perimeter fence, another campaigner has been injured
34 minutes ago 
Shell to Sea campaigner has been arrested following assault by IRMS security at ongoing day of action against Shell pipeline

pre lunch updates

Attempt 2 pull down inner fence at Shell compound in progress, WSM member at scene reporting Shell security reacting with some violence

Stand off between Garda & Shell to Sea campaigners in Rossport with up to 30 campaigners inside Shell compound - work halted #s2s
2 minutes ago

Shell to Sea reporting that despite Garda & private security assaults 30 campaigners have now gained access to Shell compound
5 minutes ago

3 more sections of fencing now pulled down at #s2s day of action at Shell compound in Erris, Mayo
10 minutes ago

one Shell to Sea campaigner now reported as having received head and hand wounds at day of action against Shell pipeline in Erris
12 minutes ago

WSM member at Shell's Aughoose compound reports cops and security goons throwing people around at #s2s day of action in Mayo
26 minutes ago

#s2s campaigners tearing down fences now at Shell's compound in Arghoose, several sections of fence now down
28 minutes ago

#s2s campaigners now approaching Shell compound in Aughoose where work has already been stopped for the day - take bak our natural resouces
30 minutes ago

#s2s have shut down Shell work again at Rossport - campaigner reports "lots of extra IRMS goons in Aughoose compound for day of action"
38 minutes ago

Today's Shell to Sea day of action has resulted in Shell canceling work for the day at the Aughoose compound

Background details on the Struggle against Shell's experimental high pressure raw gas pipeline & refinery in Erris