Experiences of Feminist Struggle - past, present and global - Video from #DABF 2016


This panel on Feminist struggles was recorded at the 2016 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair.

The speakers are;

Elife Berk is an activist and member of the KJA (the Free Women's Congress). She will discuss Jineology, an analysis of womens struggle developed by the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

Suzanne Lee is known for having an illegal abortion and once throwing eggs at Enda Kenny. She will talk about respectability politics, young women in activist communities and mental health.

Claire Brophy is completing her PhD on the writing of Anne Enright in the School of English, Maynooth University. Her research interests lie in contemporary Irish women's writing, cultural theory, and feminist philosophy. She has been an abortion rights activist for several years, and is a founding member of the Abortion Rights Campaign

Theresa O'Keefe researches and writes on feminist resistance. She will speak about the relationship between feminism and republican armed struggle in the north of Ireland during the troubles.

This is a video recording of a panel at the 2016 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair - we've made many Anarchist Bookfair video and audio recordings available over the years, click on the Anarchist Bookfair tag to view them.

Video setup and editing Andrew Flood, follow Andrew on Twitter