In Greece - the return of the horrors of the concentration camps in the birthplace of Democracy


The ruling class in Greece in order to sustain it's power, is attacking the weakest in society, the migrants!
The plan of the government (PASOK,NEA DEMOCRATIA) with the open support of the enthusiastic, ecstatic extreme right*, is to build new camps and renovate old military camps close to the borderline, to use for the imprisonment of migrants! By the way this not a speculation, this has been announced officially a week ago now or so.

At present mass arrests of immigrants by the police with the 'courteous assistance' of the extreme right* are taking place all over Greece, along with compulsory health screens and  beatings etc. The business controlled media hand in hand with the state television is highlighting the" necessity" of all these carry on, because as they claim the immigrants are posing a "health hazard" for the indigenous population!!

 And all this, guess what, are taking place on the anticipation of a general election that "might" take place some time soon. The Greek government has announced that the whole "concetration camp scheme" will create a few thousands jobs!! for the boys as "human guards" as they call them..

Not to forget, as we speak one of the biggest barriers in Europe, is being constructed on Greece's land borders with Turkey in the North east. At a time of hardship for all living in this forsaken land, the state is splashing the cash to build walls with barbed wire and the extreme right asking them to consider the planting of mines across the wall for extra protection!!!

The rise of the extreme right is on the up in Greece big time among their ranks are new
Nazi horizontal movements! Nationalists-populists that dream of the come back of the previous dictatorships and others...

They did not sprout in Greece out of the blue, two of the main reasons for their rise, primarily the massive help these scum are getting from the state and the other one is the apathy of the people...

WORDS: Constantinos Avramidis