Anarchism, the left and fighting austerity in Greece - audio interview


Conversation with Dimitris,  a Greek anarchist living in Melbourne, co-founder of Anarkismo and translator of many English anarchist publications. I began by asking Dimitri, who became active in anarchism after a background in the Greek Communist Party, the nature of austerity in Greece and resistance to it. We also discussed briefly the history of Greek anarchism, its strengths and weaknesses in contrast with anarchism in Australia.

Melbourne has one of the highest Greek communities outside of the country so it is no surprise that the neo nazi Golden Dawn Party is seeking to build a presence here with little success to date.

Interview carried out by Sean Matthews

More on history of greek anarchism here. Dimitris is host of this site too. Http://


Anarchism, the left and fighting austerity in Greece - interview with Dimitris by Workers Solidarity on Mixcloud