Money is the king at the Old Head of Kinsale


'One law for the rich and one' is one of the oldest sayings known. But, old or not, this saying is as true and relevant as ever. In a long-awaited judgement, the Supreme Court ruled against the public's right of access to the scenic walk at the Old Head outside Kinsale in Co. Cork.

Siding with the millionaire businessmen who 'purchased' the Old Head of Kinsale in the 90s and turned it into an 'exclusive' golf club, the Supreme Court effectively said 'Money is King'. From now on- legally speaking that is - only rich golfers (and we mean rich!) will have the right to ramble around the area and along the cliffs that are the Old Head of Kinsale. That is, of course, if we accept the Supreme Court's ruling!

The Campaign to Free The Old Head of Kinsale, a loose umbrella organisation dedicated to direct action and for the liberation of the Old Head (from rich golfers) is gearing up for the summer ahead. As in the past we need to defy the ban on walking on the Old Head. Most important of all we need to start building now for a 'mass trespass'. This summer will see a new round in this important battle. Get your walking shoes and picnic baskets ready. We're not obeying the courts - Supreme or not!

This page is from the print version of the Irish Anarchist paper 'Workers Solidarity'

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This edition is No75 published in March 2003