Marriage equality - Nether Non-Monogamy nor Monogamy Constitute the Only "Correct" Choice for Anarchists


While sharing some of my fellow anarchists criticisms' of marriage as a patriachal institution I feel unable to tolerate the existence of laws which blatantly discriminate against queer people.

Of course everyone should have unconditional access to housing food migration etc but until we reach full libertarian communism people have to make complex choices which may include wage slavery or marriage.

We never criticise the personal choices of straight comrades who have chosen to marry often for reasons involving visas, recognition of parenthood or tax.

Rather than criticising the choices people have had to make in what kind of waged work, (incl sex work) they do or marriage we need to support people in organising for better conditions and ultimately removing the need for those strategies.

Nether non-monogamy nor monogamy constitute the only "correct" choice for anarchists.”

Words: Paul McAndrew
A non-monogamous gay man living in Cork and a member of WSM who has been out as both queer and anarchist for thirty years and is in favour of equal marriage.

The text accompanied the video recording of the ‘Voting for Marriage Equality while being critical of Marriage’ sessions at the Dublin Anarchist Bookfair