New Canadian anarchist organisation


Anarchism has been growing in support over recent years. Old organisations have grown, new ones have been formed in countries as far apart as South Africa and Argentina, Turkey and Mexico.The end of September saw a new anarchist-communist organisation, Common Cause, set up in the Canadian province of Ontario. Preparation for this founding conference had taken place over several months culminating in a speaking tour of six cities under the title 'Building a Popular Anarchism'.

In advance of the conference, a statement of intent had been circulated which included "Our intention is not to build yet another small group of a dozen or so people but to begin the process of building an organisation of thousands that will have a presence in every town, workplace and neighborhood across the province."

They are still a long way from this goal but dozens of people in ten Ontario cities have become involved and they hope this will grow in the months and years ahead.

Their conference report finishes with “Collectively we will struggle daily in our workplaces and communities to improve our conditions and move forward towards social revolution.

“This is not a revolution that will come by summit hopping or singing and dancing in the streets. It will come by organising every workplace and neighborhood for change. When regular working people come together and fight for what we are due then the world will change.”

They have joined with the Workers Solidarity Movement and anarchist organisations from all five continents in the Anarkismo international anarchist-communist network.

This article is from Workers Solidarity 100 Nov/Dec 2007

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