Report From Rossport August Bank Holiday Weekend 2006


Over 60 anarchists and environmentalists gathered in Rossport over the August bank holiday weekend for two days of planning construction and fun. A contingent of WSM members from Dublin and cork along with our American Comrade Wayne Price (NEFAC) and his wife Anne traveled down to participate.
The weekend was focused around two areas: forums and practical work. The forums focused on privatisation of natural resources and ways in which we could raise awareness nationally while the practical work involved building ecologically sound structures for the camp. Fresh vegetarian food was available for all at a reasonable price and in the evenings we all enjoyed rebel songs in the local pub.

Tours of the local area were provided which gave a history of the campaign and showed the various local landmarks like the Ballinaboy refinery site and the beautiful mural of Ken Saro-Wiwa, a nigerian activist who was killed for resisting Shell. My tour was lucky enough to meet Vincent McGrath one of the original five men imprisoned by Shell for refusing them access to his land.

The Rossport Camp differs from other protest camp in many ways the most noticeable being the wealth of local support behind the camp (running water/electricity is notable too), this is not a rabble of activists supposing to fight on behalf of the people, these are people living and working in solidarity with a community in struggle. (photos by sovietpop)