WSM member reports from G8 protests at Rostock


The situation at present as I sit in the convergence centre is that several large demonstrations have taken place in Rostock and elsewhere and the police presence has been heavy and aggressive. As it stands the build up to the blockades is well underway with many in the 4 camps forming affinity groups and strategis to shut down the summit.

Not sure what the corporate media are saying,but the violence yesterday was started by a specific unit of police (there are many many types,all with different approaches it seems) who were over-zealous in their treatment of the fluffier of the two marches in Rostock yesterday, tear gassing it and pepper spraying hundreds of peaceful protesters.

When militants and anarchists from the large AntiFa and anarchist blocks attempted to get through to the other march to show solidarity with those attacked and injured, the police used similar violent tactics on them,and they defended themselves as the pictures show.

That is what happened.

Today, there have been many inexplicable arrests of people at the peaceful agriculture march,many of those arrested for having "aggressive t-shirts".

I'm not kidding. The level of provocation from the state is mind-boggling and will only increase as the days go by it seems.

Now we move to the Reidillech camp,a 6,000 strong area closer to the summit venue from where most of the direct actions will launch.


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