Sometimes Lightning Strikes Twice: Pledge to Strike 4 Repeal


A new intention to #Strike4Repeal has been announced as we still wait for a referendum and as importantly to see what it is we will get to vote on.

See for coverage from last year.

Pledge to Strike 4 Repeal here:


'On the 8th of March 2017, Ireland went on strike for repeal. In 50 places across the country and abroad you self-organised for your right to an abortion. From Westport to Melbourne, Tralee to Vancouver, and in every university in Ireland, you made your voice heard. In Dublin, you took O'Connell Bridge in a radical show of force agtainst the state that denies us free, safe, and legal access to abortion. You withdrew your labour, you picketed their departments, and you shut down the city for over 3 hours.

Since then the strength of our movement has only grown. In April the Citizens' Assembly proposed wide reforms to Ireland's abortion law, in September you marched in a block of 40,000 people to demand your right to choose. Now the government has finally been cornered into holding a referendum on the 8th Amendment. But do we trust them to ask the right quesiton?


No more debate, we won't wait. We are asking you to take a pledge, if they don't give us repeal and full abortion rights, strike. Your pledge will show them you won't wait, you demand control over you own body. Trade unionists, politicains, campaign groups, allies, your pledge will show strength and solidarity at this crucial moment in the history of abortion struggle in ireland.


Freedom has never been won by asking politely.


Those battles have been hard fought for generations. Now is the time to stand up and demand freedom over your body and your life. Together we have the power to create real and lasting change. Join us as we write our own history, pledge to struggle for repeal and full abortion rights.'

Strike 4 Repeal Press Release

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