A Turkish anarchist reacts to the attack on the Mavi Marmara


Israel's attack on the Mavi Marmara, Turkish Flotilla of IHH (Humanitarian Relief Foundation) this morning struck a very dangerous cord with Turks of all sides, it also received the mixed reaction of a very divided and confused society . Turkey has had a love and hate relationship with Israel from the beginning, being one of the first states to recognize the State of Israel.There is a considerable amount of USA/CIA backed liberal opposition to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's and his party AKP's repositioning of Turkish foreign policy from being "the only friend of a loner aggressive child in the class" to being a friend of Syria and Iran. This reaction takes place despite the obvious backing of his party by the USA in Turkey. Similar opposition has been expressed about Erdoğan and Brazilian President Lula's deal/ mediation with Iran to nuclear fuel swap deal last week.

Within this context, it is too much of a coincidence that Turkish flotilla was attacked in the opinion of many Turks. As IHH have expressed open opposition to the policies of Israel and are known as an "Islamist" organization, there is mixed reaction from left as well. While expressing anger at the deaths, liberals, arch enemies of Islamist movement in Turkey, do not want to be seen supporting IHH and AKP.

I can not help but think Bush regime's big "Middle Eastern" project is in full operation. This "project" pretty much involves generating further and bigger arms conflicts in the region to maintain wars+arms production+their sweet deal with Saudi and State of Israel funded Arms Companies.

Turkey warns Israel of "grave consequences", and calls it an act of "piracy in ınternational waters". Turkey also buys arms from Israel and takes part in joint military field exercises. Erdoğan tries to gain ground, votes and popularity as he tries desperately to become the "brave leader of the Muslim world" on the international level, while ordinary workers are crushed under his and AKPs ruthless privatization and "liberal" economic policies and political oppression.

The coming days might show a dangerous stand off between Israel and Turkey until uncle Sam slaps Erdoğan's wrist for once and for all. The coming days might also show massive protests in Turkey as today. But the coming days must show that Israel has to be stopped.

Words: Sevinc Karaca