Ulster BNP in disarray after membership disclosed


Over 10,000 membership details were leaked over the internet including a meagre 39 names, phone numbers and addresses of those members living in the North. In the past, the activities of fascist groups such as the White Nationalist Party and the Ulster Nationalist Alliance have been seriously disrupted by the Fascists Out! Campaign. The highlight being in 2004 during the encounter and confiscation of WNP material in Portrush which left fascists running for their lives (1). Followed, by the closing down of the UNA mail box in South Belfast August 2005.

 According to the latest info, most Ulster BNP members live on the eastern coast. Belfast being their strongest leverage with only 7 members (lol!!) followed by Bangor where 6 members live including regional organiser Kieran Devlin(Dinsmore).

Their regional organiser has advised members to “take reasonable steps”(2) to increase their personal security. Words of wisdom perhaps considering their membership details are still widely available online.

Like a decaying rat in the corner, it appears the BNP will go to any lengths to inflate their membership figures despite discontent and anger growing in their ranks.

A former Tyrone and Fermanagh fire Chief named on the leaked info living in Omagh claimed that he is no longer a member stating: “I will be writing them a nasty letter.”(Irish News, 20/11/08)

According to last weekend's Sunday Life another four alledged individuals have also denied membership including North Belfast pensioner Margaret Weir.

However, Harry Martin from Omagh is not the only one with a grudge, considering ex Tory Toff Nick Griffin blamed the leakage on “former disgruntled members.” Fine words from the incompetent fuhrer of the ‘white master race’ who cannot even secure the details of his own members!

The BNP has shot itself in the foot over this one. More sleepless nights, paranoia, constantly looking over your shoulder from morning to night mixed with growing internal power disputes between little fuhrer’s squabbling for a piece of the pie is hardly the recipe for a successful alternative.

BNP members seem very fond on informing on each other and passing on private information to outsiders. All makes one think about the level of state infiltration inside the BNP? For a BNP member it must be mind blowing sometimes trying to draw the distinction between a ‘fellow member’ and an ‘informer’?

The fashionable liberal left and the vote labour without illusions brigade have been busy over the last week or so calling for sacking the BNP members such as teachers. While we should shed no tears for future sackings they clearly misunderstand the nature of the problem.

Sackings and legislation will begin against BNP members but result in a witch hunt against other so-called ‘extremists’ on the left such as anarchists. The media are exposing the BNP one week, but the following week they will be wrongly blaming ‘immigrants’ and using other racist slurs such as asylum seekers for all our social ills in society. Whenever responsible lies on the doorstep of capitalism and their guarantors- the government.

We must remember, it is the Labour Government that has repeatedly called for ‘british jobs for british workers’ and imposing british values at home and abroad. The same government that has set up a network of detention centres across the UK and a specific border police, strengthening fortress Europe.

It is the Labour Government that sends in its security apparatus in the middle of the night to evict migrant workers who are in search for a better life or fleeing oppression and persecution. Data released by the British Home Office earlier this year claimed that at least 1 person is deported every 8 minutes.

It is the Labour Government and our local Stormont administration that are attacking workers rights and conditions. The same powers at be that are making us pay in terms of redundancies and cuts in public services for the ‘crisis’ in capitalism. Who are also eager to hand over a black cheque to parasitic private corporations to run essential services such as health and education.

State intervention?

This propaganda blow against the BNP should not deflect us from the essential task of uprooting the root cause of our problems. Only a politically conscious working class acting in its own interests without a political party acting on its alledged behalf can secure a world without landlords, bankers, bosses and fascists.

On the subject of state intervention a speaker on behalf of the Fascists Out Campaign said at the Irish Social Forum in 2004,

“Calls for state intervention have to intellectually somersault the realities of institutionalised and state promoted racism.”

"They also perpetrate the dangerous myth that there are people up there who know better than us how to deal with these issues, increasing our powerlessness and undermining our ability for independent and effective action around these issues.”

“Calls for “education” may sound alright but these are often satisfied in an ineffective and piecemeal fashion, particular when compared to government and media onslaughts about “floods of immigrants” and such.

“More worrying is the implication that racism is simply the result of brutish ignorance and a lack of education and good (meaning middle-class) upbringing. This is often tied up in a “liberal” middle-class distain for a bias against working-class people. This also propagates the dangerous myth that middle-class people are above such racism.”


“We need to expose an attack the institutions that are legitimising racism in our society; we need to take on racist bullies, homophobes and fascists carrying out attacks of ethnic minorities.”

“To do this we need to build independent working class resistance that will physically and ideologically confront fascism and oppose the system that promotes racist scapegoating and crimiminalistion of immigrations.”

(1) http://www.indymedia.ie/article/64287
(2)Daily Mirror (20/11/08)

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