Dub: Underground organisation & mass movements in the Irish Land War


In a time with a marked absence of mass politics this Rethinking Revolution talk looks at one of the largest mass-movement in Irish history. This movement was incredibly broad involving groups as diverse as the catholic church and the fenians leading to tensions over issues we can identify with today - the role of women in society, the issue of violence in politics and the issue of reform vs revolution.

7pm in Seomra Spraoi, Wednesday 29th of July

On Wednesday 29th of July we will discuss it history, aims and tactics of the Land League and the war it waged against Landlordism in Ireland popularly known as "The Land War". Between 1879-82 the league reached its zenith becoming an inspirational movement claiming 200,000 members in 1880. The land war started a period of radical activism that continued through to the 1913 Lock out and ultimately the war of independence.

In this talk we will examine discuss the novel tactics used and how ordinary people broke the power of Landlordism in Ireland.

The discussion starts at 7pm in Seomra Spraoi, Wednesday 29th of July
Address: 10 Belvedere Court, Dublin 1 (Phone: 01 8728670)

Directions: Walk north along Gardiner St, past Mountjoy Square and turn right at the next laneway(Belvidere Court). Seomra Spraoi is about halfway down the lane on the right hand side (number ten). Map

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