Workers copy TDs and demand an extra £250 a week


Conference notes the pay claim lodged by TDs seeking an increase of £250 per week. Therefore conference instructs the incoming Executive Committee to lodge a claim for an across the board increase of £250 per week for all PSEU members. This claim is to be lodged with the Department of Finance by 1st June 2000.

This Annual Delegate Conference expresses its total dissatisfaction with the manner in which the General Secretary has dealt with issues in relation to pay (in the light of what has been achieved by unions representing Gardai, Nurses, etc. etc.) and calls for his immediate resignation.

This Conference proposes a vote of no confidence in the General Secretary because of his apparent inaction on behalf of all members on the pay front.

These three motions were passed in January at the annual general meeting of Public Service Executive Union members working in the Department of Social, Community & Family Affairs in Dublin. They went forward to the PSEU annual conference, (as we go to print). It may appear a bit unrealistic/silly at first glance, but it does what was intended. It makes the point that one of the 'social partners' (the government) don't give a damn about pay restraint when it comes to their own salaries, and that unions should actually fight for their members (now there's a thought you don't find too often in ICTU headquarters).

From Workers Solidarity 59, Spring 2000