Cinema Night at Solidarity Books - Zapatista - a Big Noise film (2001) this Thursday 19th at 8pm

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Starting this Thursday, we will be resuming our weekly film screenings at the bookshop. A full programme for the month of February will be up soon.

There is no cover charge for the screenings but donations are, as ever, much appreciated.   
( Beware, post-film discussion might be encouraged! )

* This Thursday January 19th, Solidarity Books will host a screening of Zapatista - a Big Noise film (2001)
Start time is 8pm. Hope to see you there.

Thursday Jan. 19th, 8pm:

Zapatista - a Big Noise film (2001)

Forget the Mayan Calendar / Doomsday scenarios, the real Mayan story to be excited about is the Zapatista one! Zapatista tells the story of the Mayan peasant uprising in Chiapas and includes interviews with Subcomandante Marcos and Noam Chomsky among others, and gives a clear insight into the revolution in Chiapas. A discussion of the film will follow with a local Irish activist who recently spent a year in Chiapas.

* Upcoming Film for next week:

Thursday January 26th, 8pm:

Style Wars (1983)

Style Wars is the legendary hip hop documentary and a timeless film classic, the indispensable record of a golden age of youthful creativity and exploding hip hop subculture. Directed by Tony Silver, Style Wars captures the look and feel of New York’s ramshackle subway system as the graffiti writers’ public playground, battleground and spectacular artistic canvas.

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