electronic resistance!


ER gig Karma Friday - proceeds Shell to seaJust to let all you fine upstanding citizens know that E.R are having theirsecond gig on Friday,this time the moolah's goin to the Shell to Sea camapaign,your tax dollars were very much appreciated last week in the Seomra for the Killer Coke campaign,hope yiz all had a good time and enjoyed thetunes as served by Krossphader,Scullduggery and Welfare--

This Friday we have the pleasure of hosting the E.R DJs together with veryspecial guest The Disco Infiltrators---onelouder.bebo.com--funky electro and techy crunchies for youse to get your teeth into..
So be there this Friday in Karma up beside Christchurch on Fishamble Street

for a boogie and much more..
Full details--


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