Huge numbers of workers march in ICTU Dublin protest


Friday 6th November saw tens of thousands of workers marching in Dublin as ICTU called protests took place in 9 cities across Ireland against the government attempts to make workers pay for the capitalist crisis.

Shell to Sea took part in the march and distributed copies of the leaflet exposing the Great Oil & Gas Giveaway.

The Social Solidarity Network also took part and distributed about 7000 leaflets arguing that "one day of marching will not be enough to bring about meaningful change" and invited participants to an open discussion after the march (over 30 attended to discuss mobilising for the national strike on 24th November which the unions are currently balloting on). If you'd like to get involved in the SSN which is "a grouping of people who have come together to provide a forum for workers and communites to unite to resist the attackes and to build links across the many struggles which will break out over the coming months" email

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