Meeting of the North Wicklow Anarchist Forum

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On the 21st and 22nd of August there is a meeting of the North Wicklow
Anarchist Forum that will take place in Bray.

The aim of this forum is to bring together anyone with an interest in
anarchism, ranging from the slightest of curiosity to radical activists.
Discussion will range from general questions, issues and ideas brought
to the forum by those present (level of involvement is at the
individuals discretion). Independent committees will be established to further
explore those ideas and act upon conclusion.The discussion for the first meeting will be based on sexism and
attitudes towards gender and in our every day lives and within alternative
comities. There will be a follow up meeting the next day at the same
location for all interested with a view to establishing a group to further
explore the issues raised and discuss organising an event which will
highlight and further explore gender preconceptions & sexism.

All are welcome to discuss any questions/ issues/ ideas regarding

Meet at Bray Dart station at 2 o’clock and you can contact this number
if you are late: 086 085 1525

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