Polish FA Fundraiser Party


Movies and Music from the Polish Anarchists in Dublin with help from WSM DJ krewSex, Politics and Anarchism
Party in seomra spraoi, 6 Ormond Quay, Dublin

6pm: screening of three political movies on sex and love

Join the resistance - fall in love (16m) (2003)
short inspired by the book ''Days of War, Nights of Love'' ''Chapter L is for Love'' by the Crimethinc Ex-Workers Collective

Sex Mission (seksmisja) (117m) (1983) (English subtitles) -
classic Polish science fiction comedy directed by Julisz Machulski. Story of to two hibernated volunteers who wake up in 2044 to find out that their the last of >men< kind, movie cenzored by the "socialist" regime

Good Girl (21m) (2005)
copy left, indie porn for women, dubbed "feminist porn" - classical "pizza man" plot and cheesey music...

followed by discussion

9pm - party till late featuring DJ Welfare (crunchy electro, smooth beats), DJeen Kami (upset dubstep), Jablunkox (dirty disco), DJ Krossphader (words ending with 'core') ,

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