INTO Teachers union splits down middle on proposed public sector deal


The conference of the Irish National Teachers Organisation conference has split down the middle on the question of whether to accept or reject the Public Sector Agreement negotiated by the trade union bosses.  Delegates voted 304 for and 308 against an amendment which would have meant the rejection of the deal.  Delegates who oppose the deal are now meeting up to start the organisation of a No campaign in the INTO. 

Over 100 delegates protested Minister for Education Mary Coughlan speaking at the conference by holding up placards as she spoke.  RTE also reported that "The Minister's speech was punctuated by frequent and loud heckling and booing from the floor."

A fuller report will follow from WSM members at the conference.

Text of motion passed

Public Service Agreement 2010-2014
a.  views with concern the draft Public Service Agreement 2010-2014 announced on 30th March 2010;
b.  endorses the decision to put this agreement to a ballot of the membership;
c.  declares that the 'Public Service Agreement 2010-2014' deal is contrary to INTO policy as agreed at Congress 2008 and Congress 2009;
d. calls on the CEC to work with other unions to update, develop and re-establish the ICTU policy entitled 'There is Still a Better Fairer Way' as the Trade Union taxation based alternative for rebuilding and reshaping the national finances.