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Red and Black Revolution 14


The Spring 2008 issue of Ireland's anarchist magazine Red & Black Revolution is now available. Articles include “No Justice, Just Us” Interview with Larry Wheelock, Financial Weapons of Mass Destruction, How free can you be if you can’t even control your own body?, Book Review: “Sweatshop Warriors: Immigrant .

Download the PDF of RBR 14

Workers Solidarity 103


Issue 103 of Workers Solidarity -May-June 2008

Articles in this issue include:

  • No to Lisbon
  • Water tax is a double tax
  • Celebrating May Day
  • Nine Derry people face jail for decommissioning weapons
  • Thinking about anarchism: why managers mess up
  • American Soldiers Speak Out Against The War
  • Health March: Enough is Enough
  • Review: Flat Earth News
  • Housing Executive to cut 400 jobs
  • Belfast: Direction action gets the goods!

Rebel Worker Issue #1!


Issue #1 of Cork's newest anarchist publication, the Rebel Worker will be appearing bimonthly (when possible) and will be distributed both on its own and as an insert in the WSM's long-standing free newspaper, Workers Solidarity. The current issue features articles on the health service, May Day, abortion rights in Ireland and info on the WSM's involvement in ongoing workers' and community struggles.


Workers Solidarity Issue 101


Ireland's anarchist paper Workers Solidarity, Issue 101 January - February 2008

Workers Solidarity Issue 100


The 100th issue of the Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity for Nov / Dec 2007 

PDF of Workers Solidarity 100

Workers Solidarity 99 - September/October 2007


The September/October 2007 issue of Workers Solidarity is now online and can be downloaded as a PDF file.


Something Rotten in Store Street
Postman Pat Says 'Stuff Your Pay Cut'
Why Ireland Never Got Nuclear Power
Workers Occupation Pays Off
The Great Gas Robbery
That's Capitalism
Is Equal Pay Possible?
Climate Change; Delusion and Hypocrisy
Anarchism and the WSM
Anarchists Against the Wall

Workers Solidarity 98 - July/August 2007


The July/August 2007 issue of Workers Solidarity is now online and can be downloaded as a PDF file.

The rising of the moon


A collection of Irish anarchist articles on the rebellion of 1798 and the 1916 insurrection brought together in a single 40 page PDF pamphlet which you can download. 

PDF: Anarchizm Jest Swietny


Broszura ta jest zbiorem tekstow opublikowanych przez WSM - WORKERS SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT, anarcho- komunistyczna organizacje zakorzenion± w tradycji "platformy ". Wybrane teskty dotycza teori i praktyki anarchizmu w nawiazaniu do uniwersalnych zagadnien jak postrzeganie pojecia wolnosci w spoleczenstwie kapitalistycznym a jej znaczenie w ujêciu anarcho-komunizmu.

Klasa bez Panstwa


Polish translation of WSM texts on immigrant workers

Broszura ta jest zbiorem publikacji WSM - WORKERS SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT, anarcho- komunistycznej organizacji zakorzenionej w tradycji "platformy". 

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