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Anarchy magazine No 6 - published 1970


Anarchy Magazine was an anarchist magazine published in London from the 1960s. It was originally published by Colin Ward. A second series was published in the 1970s and 1980s from London. Issue No 6 published in 1970 was largely given over to articles written by members of People's Democracy. The PDF file linked to here is a scan of that issue, we have also transcribed some of the articles.

Workers Solidarity 96 - March/April 2007


The March/April 2007 issue of Workers Solidarity is now online and can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Public Health not Private Wealth
Water Tax:Northern parties united in collusion,
Spring clean shell out of Erris
Your money or your life?
Thats capitalism - WS96
Anarchism and the WSM
Partnership delivers more work for less pay
Thinking about anarchism: Exploitation
Fianna Fail to Perform Miracle of Full Employment
15 Years After the X-Case Bertie Still Lies About Abortion
Sinn Fein Learn to Love the Police
There’s no such thing as a ‘free’ computer

Download the PDF of Workers Solidarity 96

Resistance - June/July 1983


Anarchist newspaper from 1983 published by the Dublin Anarchist Collective

The Contaminated Crow - Feb 1980


Anarchist newspaper published in 1980 by a collective in Dublin and Belfast. This issue is on the anti nuclear movement

Promote the Dublin Mayday march with this poster


This poster advertises the DCTU 'Mayday' march in Dublin, print it out and put it on your workplace / school / college notice board. Come along and join the anarchist block

Workers Solidarity 94 - 2006


Workers Solidarity 94 is now available online including the PDF file of this issue.

Download the PDF file of WS 94

Two Solidarity posters with Rossport


Gardai role in Rossport posterWe have produced two posters expressing solidaity with the community struggle in Rossport and opposition of state suppression of that poster. You can download the PDF files of the posters and print out and distribute as many as you like.

Anti-racism poster for you to distribute and display


The Jack White branch of the WSM has created this anti-racist poster which you can download and display locally.

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