Workers Solidarity 92 - June/July 2006


The PDF file and articles from Workers Solidarity 92 published for June/July 2006.

Download the PDF of Workers Solidarity 92

Report of Spring 2006 WSM National Conference


The Workers Solidarity Movement recently held its Spring 2006 conference in Dublin. The conference was comparatively low key with debates on a number of details of position papers in comparison to recent conferences that spent much of the time on major redrafts of position papers. Around two thirds of the membership attended.

Conference opens with questioning the reports given by various office holders, editorial committees etc. A summary of these reports follows - quite a lot of details and indeed areas involving relationships with other groups have been removed, as these were not written for public consumption.

What the WSM Believes


Points of Unity

The WSM regularly discussed, debated and decided on what our collective political approach is. All members took part in this process and the results are preserved in the position papers you will find linked to below.  These papers defined our collective approach, we don't require that every member agree with every point in them but they do describe the politics the WSM will implement. [PDF of these points]

WSM Internal Education and Training


Policy on internal education in the WSM. Last updated Feb 2013.

The Internet


WSM policy on using the internet including the editing of this website. Last updated May 2010

Internal Bulletin


Document detailing the production of the Internal Bulletin, how often it appears and who is responsible for placing reports etc in it. The IB is circulated to all WSM members. Last updated April 2006

Intellectual Property in the Age of the Internet


In this transcript of an educational I gave to the 1st of May branch I attempt to briefly consider how the internet and technology have impacted on intellectual property and what our perspectives on this might be as class struggle anarchists

Dublin May Day march


Celebrate May Day

Saturday April 29th
Assemble 2.30pm at Parnell Square.

March with the WSM

Workers Solidarity 91 - March/April 2006


The March/April 2006 issue of Ireland's anarchist paper - Workers Solidarity

[Download the PDF file of WS91]

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