Workers Solidarity suspending production for a while - Spring 2000


Regular readers of Workers Solidarity will have noticed that this issue is quite late in coming out. We are currently dicsussing our publications (Workers Solidarity and Red & Black Revolution) with a view to making changes in the way they are produced and sold.

Issues of Workers Solidarity from 2000 - WS59, 60, 61


These are the issues of the Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity published in the year 2000. Number 59 was the last issue that was sold, 60 was the first issue of the new style free sheet - some half a million individual copies would be produced and distributed over the decade that followed.

Issues of Workers Solidarity from 1999 - WS56, WS57, WS58


The issues of the Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity published in 1999.  These are issues 56 to 58 and were the last in the A3 8 page format.

Red & Black Revolution 3


This is the online version of Red and Black Revolution 3 published in 1998.

Articles include
Water tax victory explained
Anarchism in Italy
The Labour movement and the internet
Organising against capitalism
The Emergence Of Modern Irish Socialism

WSM activity in the Spring of 2008


IDEAS & ACTION was a day of anarchist discussions hosted by the Workers Solidarity Movement last March. Forty people came from Belfast, Cork, Galway, Dublin, Coleraine and Lurgan to share ideas and experiences. Speakers were anarchists involved in trade union, environmental, abortion rights and anti-racist struggles. Participants felt it to be both interesting and useful, with the Belfast-based 'Organise' group offering to host a second such event early next year.

Index of Workers Solidarity Issues from 1998


The articles from the three issues (53-55) of the Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity that were published in 1998.

Index of Red and Black Revolution 2


Articles from the Irish anarchist magazine Red & Black Revolution, issue 2, published in 1996.  Includes a long interview with Noam Chomsky about Anarchism & Marxism.

Issues of Workers Solidarity from 1994 - 41 to 43


Issues of the Irish anarchist newspaper Workers Solidarity that were first published in 1994.  Three issues of Workers Solidarity apeared that year Nos 41, 42 and 43.  At the time it consisted of 8 sides of A3 print.

Red and Black Revolution 1 - 1994


Issue 1 of the Workers Solidarity Movement magazine Red and Black Revolution

Comment On The First Issue Of Red and Black


Comment On First Issue

Over the last two decades anarchism has returned from the edge of extinction. At a time when the rest of the left has been in decline anarchism has grown, re-establishing itself in country after country. However anarchism as a movement has never had a significant foothold in any of the English speaking countries (ES). There were movements in the USA and London around the turn of the century but both of these were limited to the immigrant community and failed to survive after World War I.

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