The Contaminated Crow - Feb 1980


Anarchist newspaper published in 1980 by a collective in Dublin and Belfast. This issue is on the anti nuclear movement


There must be some way out of this
About the anti-nuclear movement in Ireland

The Bloomsday farce
'Revolutionary Struggles' manipulation of the EEC heads of state march

Only one movement
Should there be just one anti-nuke movement

EEC occupation
Article on occupation of EEC office during heads of state visit

What we did on our holidays
Critique of the role of 'Revolutionary Struggle' in the anti-nuke movement

Assault on Seabrook
Account by participant of attempt to occupy nuclear power plant in USA

Mianadoiredacht uranium agus slante an phobail
Irish language article on Uranium

Subjects of change not agents
Anarchist strategy for anti nuclear movement

On the Autonomy movement in France

Uranium mining in Australia
Racism and pollution from the mines

Uranium mining in Ireland
Plans to mine uranium in Donegal

Accidents will happen
Problems around the globe with the nuclear industry

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