Workers Solidarity #35 (1992)


The articles from issue no 35 of the Irish anarchist paper Workers Solidarity, originally published in the Summer of 1992.

Abortion: It's every Womans Right to Choose
Anarchists believe that every woman has the right to choose an abortion when faced with a crisis pregnancy irrespective of the reasons for the abortion. At least 4,000 Irish women have abortions in England every year at present.

The story so far
A review of the fight for abortion rights from 1983 to 1992 focusing on events around the X case in 1992

Vote No to Maastricht
"Fortress Europe" seeks to unite the European bosses and workers against the peoples of the rest of the world. Integration means a tightening of immigration controls. The Maastricht treaty in particular covers two other things besides monetary union. It is these that determine how we will vote. These are the questions of European defence and the Protocol.

Equality for some women?
It isn't sexism that holds us in the worse paid jobs but rather the economic reality of the capitalism system. To survive in the market place any company has to be competitive, to maximise profits. In todays society, creches and child-care are a luxury that the profit motive can rarely afford.

The IRA and its armed struggle : A Bloody Long War
Gerry Adams is no longer an MP. The politicians and media pundits are over the moon with joy. In the immediate aftermath we were subjected to a barrage of questions and comments. Will there be an escalation of the armed struggle? Will there be a ceasefire?

The return of the "white man's civilising mission"
What we are seeing is the re-division of the world. The cold war has ended the same way as the 1st and 2nd World Wars, with a furious scramble by the victors for the prizes. Within a decade it is likely that Japan will be threatening world peace, or at least that is what we will be told.

The Bank strike: What went wrong?
Bank workers went back to work on April 27th. After three weeks on strike they voted narrowly to accept a revised offer from the big four banks.

1492 - 1992 Christopher Columbus: Slaver and Thief
THIS YEAR sees the celebrations of the 'discovery' of America in 1492 by Columbus. The celebrations have generated some debate about the rights and wrongs of the events which followed the discovery. In Spain itself, Seville has seen riots as marches protesting at the celebration have been broken up by the police.

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