Workers Solidarity 94 - 2006


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Who do the gardai really work for?
A consortium of Shell, Statoil, and Marathon do a deal with the government allowing them exclusive exploitation rights to the Corrib gas field, off Mayo. Not only that, but they are allowed to write off their costs against taxes, meaning that the whole project is being funded by the PAYE taxpayer, who will receive nothing, not even lower gas prices. It may sound a bit iffy but there is no garda investigation into possible bribery or corruption.

Rossport: In Defiance of the State
The month of October saw the community of Rossport occupied by the Gardai Siochana. This occupation is the State response to a community trying to protect themselves against Shell: a multinational with a track record for maltreating communities which they operate in.

Anarchism and the WSM
Some of the activities the WSM has got up to in recent months

Big gains for contract workers in UCD
Like many other employers UCD has sought to save money in the last couple of decades by refusing to create permanent pensionable posts. Instead, a growing percentage of the workforce have been left on short-term contracts without any pension rights.

There is power in a union
Some background to the situation with contract wokers in UCD

Dublin gets new radical centre
After more than a year of searching for a suitable venue, the Seomra Spraoi collective has finally taken possession of a space at 6 Ormond Quay, across the river from Bono’s Clarence Hotel

Come to your planet’s rescue
Review of Anarchism and Ecology by Graham Purchase, Black Rose Books

The Role of an Anarchist Organisation
Looking around the world today it can be difficult to imagine how the society that we want to see can be created. But rather than sitting back and waiting for capitalism to collapse, or for the revolution to come, we believe in organising in the here and now.

On the road with an Irish pirate
While it can be hard to come across political documents that inspire, entertain and amuse, Ramor Ryan‘s Clandestines succeeds in doing just that.

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