Workers Solidarity issues 28 to 30


Articles from the three issues of Workers Solidarity published from the Summer of 1988 to the Spring of 1989.  In this period it was a 20A4 page magazine in format.  This is a selection of the articles, once we scan the remaining ones we will add them to the site.

Workers Solidarity 28 from the Summer of 1988
It is almost a year since the last issue of Workers Solidarity and you want to know what happened. Ireland has little or no anarchist tradition so rather than just learning from those who went before us we had to make a fair few mistakes while we were developing our politics and building the Workers Solidarity Movement
The "Defend the Clinics Campaign" is running out of steam. The recent Information Picket on Dublin's O'Connell Bridge attracted only 20 people. Trying to turn this tide is a mammoth task.
Interview with "Lofty" of Eastenders
The first Mayday
The Anarchist idea

Getting to grips with Sinn Féin's socialism
Is Sinn Féin swinging to the left? It is as clear as day that there have been huge changes in the Republican Movement since the 1981 Hunger strike. What do these changes add up to

Remembering France 1968

Review: The Russian Tragedy

This book is a must for anyone who is confused as to why the Russian Revolution went wrong, for anyone who feels that to explain the aberrations and atrocities perpetrated by the Bolsheviks as necessitated by imperialist blockades or 'objective circumstances'

'Abolish the state'

Workers Solidarity No. 29 - Autumn 1988
American cheap labour plan comes to Ireland
Privatisation of the shipyard
Daniel Guerin was one of France's best revolutionary activists and thinkers, he was best known in Ireland as the author of books such as Fascism and Big Business, 100 Years of Labour in the USA and Anarchism.
Daniel Guerin - Towards a libertarian communism
Jobs are under threat all over the place. It is not just ones that are useful to us; that are chopped. There are also workers in plants producing weapons, nuclear power, and so on whose futures are far from secure
The formation of the syndicalist ITGWU and the lock out of 1913 that followed it.
Review: Anarchism for beginners
Workers Solidarity No. 30 - Spring 1989
The sacking of John Mitchell
Birmingham Six interview

Lessons of the Civil Rights Movement

The Northern State was unwilling and unable to implement a series of widespread and meaningful reforms. It had been built on the basis of a sectarian division, nurtured by bigotry and defended by thuggery
Interview with Noam Chomsky
Big gains for anarchist union
Review: In place of compromise
The Dail or Direct Action